Member Benefits

One of a kind

Climate Alliance is true a leader when it comes to fighting climate change – our long tradition of cooperation with indigenous communities, the CO2 emissions reductions targets to which each municipality commits itself, and our concrete recommendations for action are cases in point.

Inspiration and support

Being a Climate Alliance member means becoming part of a city network dedicated to climate action, teaming with like-minded local authorities. Opportunities to inspire and be inspired abound. It also means making your voice heard at the national, European and international levels, where we at Climate Alliance’s European Secretariat fight for the interests of our members in the climate change arena.

In addition to the softer benefits, Climate Alliance places an emphasis on working directly with the administrative and technical level of municipal structures, providing valuable support for those actually implementing climate action plans on the ground. We further support members in their activities by developing CO2 monitoring instruments, running campaigns on topics such as sustainable mobility and consumption, organising opportunities for exchange and carrying out projects both with and for member cities.

Eleven good reasons to join

There are many good reasons to join Climate Alliance. Here are 11

  1. Get advice on your local climate change policies
  2. Benefit from Climate Alliance’s European Secretariat and our national coordination offices throughout Europe 
  3. Take advantage of tools to support your climate action strategies
  4. Be inspired by the experience of other cities
  5. Find partners in Europe and beyond for the planning and implementation of your strategies
  6. Attend conferences, seminars and other opportunities for exchange and learning
  7. Stay up to date with Climate Alliance news and publications
  8. Raise your profile regionally and internationally through wider dissemination of your success stories
  9. Use ready-made campaigns that help you involve your residents in climate action
  10. Find financing opportunities and partners for your projects and initiatives
  11. Have your voice heard in important EU decisions via Climate Alliance responses, opinions and resolutions

For a closer look at how you can take advantage of Climate Alliance membership, have a look at our Activities section where you will find information on our policy work, working groups, tools, campaigns and projects.

Join us!

Want to learn more? Contact us at membership(at) for more information about Climate Alliance membership.

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