Climate emergency

Worldwide, cities and towns are declaring a climate emergency

Public pressure on national governments to make climate a priority is building. By declaring a climate emergency, you can strengthen this push and send a strong signal locally.

Most Climate Emergency Declarations call for zero carbon by 2030. As individual municipalities cannot achieve zero carbon without other cities and levels of government joining the effort, some have chosen to simply commit to local action compatible with IPCC recommendations for keeping warming under 1.5°C. We encourage members that declare to aim for as much ambition as possible and, at the least, make climate a priority in every future local level decision.

Join the hundreds of other local governments across the globe by passing your own local resolution! Feel free to use and adapt our template below as needed or let the resolutions of other members inspire you.

Of course, in addition to declaring a climate emergency, you can (continue) to look to our working groups, tools, campaigns and downloads to support your work.

Climate Emergency template as doc | as pdf

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*Please note that Climate Alliance does not advocate offsetting and compensation schemes to reach emergency targets, as these can be used to promote business as usual paired with a reliance on technological fixes and intransparent maths instead of concrete emissions reductions at their source. See the Climate Alliance Resolution on Compensation (April 2008) as well as this article by ProPublica.