Legal Aid Fund

Securing basic rights and providing access to legal aid

Attacks on indigenous communities, illegal logging, mining or even the extraction of oil and gas on indigenous territories – such events are unfortunately often part of everyday life in the Amazon region. These infringements destroy the livelihoods of the people living there and contribute to the climate crisis. The acquisition of collective property rights to traditionally used land is thus a fundamental concern of our indigenous partners. A legally guaranteed territory is the basis for their livelihoods, enabling them to continue using the rainforest according to traditional practices, which are now widely recognised as sustainable. Indigenous peoples make an important contribution to the preservation of biodiversity in their rainforests while putting a halt to additional CO2 emissions.

Indigenous peoples often struggle to find legal assistance to curb encroachments and bring violations of their rights before court. The fund thus helps finances lawyers' fees and legal costs. The fund's use has already resulted in the acquittal of several indigenous representatives who had been sued by mining companies. The fund also finances meetings to educate indigenous communities about their rights.

The importance of a legal aid fund becomes clear when one considers how often urgent, on-the-spot support is needed. The expansion of this fund is of the essence in order to provide an immediate response to the many dire requests.

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