Working groups

Finding answers together

The Climate Alliance European Secretariat organises a variety of working groups on topics of particular relevance to our members. These working groups each have a close link to the policy landscape in the fields they address, bringing the latest EU and national developments into perspective in the context of concrete municipal climate action. For example, the German national coordination offers its own working groups for member municipalities from Germany. The working groups allow members the opportunity to get involved on certain topics in an in-depth way and are spaces both for exchange and the development of strategies. Interested Climate Alliance members are encouraged to get involved!

Find the German Working Groups here.

Europe-wide Working Groups

Working Group Adaptation

The Working Group on Adaptation brings together political leaders and climate experts from Climate Alliance member municipalities to help generate an accurate picture of adaptation challenges and possible solutions at the local level.


Want to learn more? Contact us at adaptation(at)

Working Group Financing

The Working Group on Financing, launched in 2012, offers local authorities the opportunity to exchange on the topic of financing and learn about upcoming calls for proposals, European funding programmes and new financing instruments.


Want to learn more? Contact us at financing(at)

Working Group Monitoring

The Working Group on CO2 Monitoring is comprised of the various National Coordinators as well as other interested parties, exchanges on the development and implementation of municipal CO2 monitoring standards throughout the network and beyond.


Want to learn more? Contact Miguel Morcillo at m.morcillo(at)

Working Group Buildings

The working group is offering municipalities from across Europe more information on the topics of buildings and retrofits, opportunities for further training and knowledge transfer, as well as an exchange with each other and with experts.


Want to learn more? Contact us at buildings(at)


Photos: Working Group Adaptation: Victor via Unsplash/ Working Group Financing: Markus Spiske via Unsplash/ Working Group Monitoring: Carlos Muza via Unsplash/ Working Group Buildings: Leohoho via Unsplash